Ridal Isla

Ruler: Baron Tressilus
Seat Of Power: Revich


Revich: Population 5,762 -- Resting high above the water, this Seat of Power gathers the ancient wood from Briegen’s Wood for ships and airships. A large lumber mill resides in the center of Revich with Baron Tressilus’s Estate connected to it on the northern side. Years of industry have given birth to a stacked platform system that stretches from the city down to a floating dry and wet dock. The platform system is at the southern edge of Revich.


Drikash Fjords: Discovered by the explorer Drikash Badoual. These lands had massive valleys carved into the rock by the Great Glacier of Adenora. For four days and nights, Drikash ascended the southern wall, making his way to the top after much toil. Drikash found griffons roosted near the edge of a great wood that populated the top. Beyond the griffons, Drikash found a clearing between the forest and edge of the cliffs. This would eventually become Revich.

Briegen’s Wood: Beyond the cliffs and beyond Revich lays the dense forest named after Drikash’s daughter. Deep within the wood reside the Dryads of Ar Gak.

Corentin’s Channel: Far below the Drikash Fjords and between the lesser island resides Corentin’s Channel. The waters that flow between the two islands moves incredibly fast. Depending on the tide, ships have been known to crash into the cliff walls or worse.

Cadou Shoal: Depending on the tide, the shoal becomes usable as a land bridge between the main island and the lesser island to the southeast.

Ridal Isla

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