Aures Isla

Ruler: Baron Gondobas
Seat of Power: Auror

Towns / Cities

Auror:The Aures Isla had once been unexplored for millenniums and was at first thought to be uninhabited. During Agminnons conquest, he had sent his lieutenant, Vuskev Gondobas with the mission of settling new lands on the distant islands and to report back with any findings.

When Gondobas and his armies travelled there, they had found remnants of barbaric tribes. These ruins were built upon to create the Capital city of Auror and the surrounding towns. Auror and the rest of the Aures Isla house a large regiment of Jarl Redjaks navy.


Avenan Reef: Surronding the exterior part of the Aures Isla is a massive grove of coral reef. The Avenan reef rises high enough that sea vessels would be ultimately shredded and stuck if passaged through. The reef is also used as fishing grounds as it is highly populated.

Aures Isla

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