Ruler: Baron Orkney
Seat Of Power: Viutrev


Viutrev: Once known as Kestrelauch, the city was built by murder-worshipping disciples of Kess one thousand years ago, and it is thought to be the oldest city in all of Ost. The sacking of it was a turning point in Agminnon’s campaign, and he renamed it Viutrev which means “house of stars” in the Ostii tongue. Now the ancient city hosts both the navy of Beregos, and the Armebrost crossbowmen. Still, despite the eradication of the old cults, ornate temples of Kess are prevalent in the small city and most of her inhabitants honor the god of death in the highest.


Grand Temple of Kess: The largest temple to the god of death in northwestern Artda is housed in the Skollisdath, a massive forest north of Viutrev. To most, the temple is a mystery – it is said only the most devout of Kess’s followers are permitted to find it, amidst the darkened wood that straddles the leyline between this realm and that of the death god.


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