The Armebrost

The Armebrost are a militia of elite crossbowmen hailing from Viutrev in Betrolgar. They are personally overseen by Baron Pollus Orkney, an adept military strategist that maintains the crossbow as the most effective of military weapons.

The favoured crossbow of the Armebrost is the Beregosi Black Crossbow

There are many layers of leadership, and the upper tiers of the Armebrost are highly secretive. Some of the notable rank and file are below:

Captain Sammael Dorndun
Captain Sammael has been with the Armebrost since his early 20’s. The now white-haired, grizzled old grunt is a habitual cigar smoker, and drinks grog like it’s water. He is a legendary shot with the crossbow, however.


The Armebrost

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