Ruler: Baron Luisz Depreis
Seat Of Power: Svenead


Svenead: Population 4,255
Svenead is the last bastion of hospitality and civility in the north of Beregos. The city was built by Robus the Black during Agminnon’s conquest, over the ruins of a barbarian settlement known as Bloodboer. An endless array of catacombs and crypts wind down into the hoarfrost beneath the city, and in the underdark it is said there is a river fed from the lakes of The Darklands over the mountains. Svenead is a dour place, with dodgy, cramped alleyways and the stink of leather tanning. It is said that Baron Depreis has gone mad, and he rarely leaves his castle to walk among the common folk.


Ottolenghi’s Wheelhouse: Otto’s wheelhouse is a three-storey inn owned by Ottolenghi the Wordbroker near the border of Valkur, where mercenaries and other unsavoury types trade information and avoid the Armebrost patrols that often venture into the nearby Croal Peaks looking for Valkurian spies.

The Croal Crags: The Croal crags are the foothills around the northwestern part of the Croal mountain range. Often, merchants or travellers looking for discretion will take the winding journey through the crags, risking an encounter with a vicious mountain troll in hopes of evading the militia patrols of Beregos or Valkur.


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