Ossunvar is the southernmost barony of Beregos, and is the most prosperous.

Ruler: Jarl Redjak Ossun (Prime ruler)
Seat Of Power: Ossuna (Realm Capital)


Ossuna: Population 16,203

Ossuna is known as the ‘Key’ to the south, being the most accessible major port to the foreign lands of Verdia, Seignes, Ventria, Tulles, and others. It was founded by Agminnon himself, as the beach head for his conquest of the northwest. As such, it boasts an impressive keep – ‘Stagcrown’ – a nigh impenetrable fortress that is occupied by Jarl Ossun presently.

Ossuna is known for its’ abundant crime and overcrowded streets. Assassins are contracted openly, and thieves guilds are left to their own devices so long as the Jarl gets his cut. More and more Beregosi are leaving the city as it becomes dangerous to ply trade honestly.


Agminnon’s Rest: The former king of Ost is buried north of Ossuna, along the river Aulheire. His crypt is a massive monument in his honor – a statue in his likeness 100 feet in height, and hewn of brilliant white marble. Many have tried to pry open the doors below his feet, set with the immutable words of Agminnon’s conquest – “Let War Find Me, Only Under The Stars.” – but the doors seem impenetrable to force or magic. Some hold doubt as to whether or not the legendary king was even interned here.

It is prophesied that one of Agminnon’s heirs, dubbed the Rising Stag, will reunite fragmented Ost once again in the shadow of his crypt.


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