Jarl Redjak Ossun

The Jarl of Beregos, Redjak Ossun is a callous, greedy man with a love of whores and gold. He loves to surround himself with men that are unquestionably loyal and approving of his unsavoury, unfair, borderline tyrannic behavior, and rewards them handsomely with gifts, land and favor.

The only heir of a cruel, arrogant, father. He was spoiled and led to believe, from the moment of his birth, that his noble blood and wealth was permission from the gods to behave and treat people however he liked. When he was young, he would scream and throw tantrums to get his way, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that he could punish and kill those who displeased him, and the ones who came after would agree to whatever he wanted. Thus he grew up surrounded by ‘yes men’ who only fanned the flames of his cruelty and selfishness.

To the north the Duke of Valkur, Heiran Hoss, is Redjak’s most bitter enemy. They war constantly, sending their considerable militias and men at arms to battle over petty border settlements. There have been several assassination attempts on both ends.

The Red Son (Redjak Ossun) had an affair with the sister of Heiran Hoss (Duke of Valkur). Moina Hoss was infatuated with The Red Son, regardless of his proclivity for other women. She promised him a son, and she was pregnant soon thereafter. Moina fell ill while in the company of Redjak Ossun. Both she and Redjak’s heir perished.

Heiran Hoss hated his sister’s infatuation with The Red Son. There had been several assassination attempts on Redjak Ossun. It was no surprise that an assassin was careless and harmed Hoss’s sister and her unborn son. It was inevitable that Heiran and Redjak met in person to pass on the deceased Moina Hoss and her unborn son. They blamed each other for Moina’s death. The Red Son was denied an heir. Had Redjak not been grieving, he would have slain Heiran Hoss and his company that day.

Baron Orkney of Betrolgar is Redjak’s right-hand man. He is a the Jarl’s closest crony, who accompanies him often in his great tours of debauchery. Baron Orkney is as corrupt and callous as Redjak, and is also a brilliant military strategist. His barony is host to the barracks of The Armebrost, the elite crossbowmen militia of Beregos.

Jarl Redjak Ossun

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